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Game Boy Advance P Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs
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Nintendo Game Boy Advance Strategy Guides Canada:  Game Boy Advance P Official Games Strategy Guides Books
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USA:         Game Boy Advance P Official Games Strategy Guides Books
Games Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs: Games Guides Games
Pachi-Slot Kanzen Kouryaku     
Pac Man Collection   Game info
Pac-Man Nes Classics   Game info
Pac-Man World     
Pac-Man World 2    
Pac Pinball    Game info
Pac Pinball Advance    Game info
Paperboy / Rampage    Game info
Paragon 5 Pinball     
Pazunin: Uminin no Puzzle de Nimu     
Penny Racers     
Penny Racers 2     
Peter Jackson's King Kong     
Peter Pan: The Motion Picture Event    
Peter Pan: Return To Neverland    
Pferd & Pony - Mein Pferdehof    
Phantasy Star Chronicles     
Phantasy Star Collection    
Phantom, The: The Ghost Who Walks     
Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 3.3     
Pichimo Ninarou    
Pichimo Ninarou (Angel Collection 2)    
Piglet's Big Game   Game info
Piglet's Big Game Adventures In Dream    Game info
Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari     
Pinball Advance     
Pinball Challenge Deluxe     
Pinball Dreams and Fantasies     
Pinball of the Dead    
Pinball Tycoon     
Pink Panther, The     
Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit     
Pinky & the Brain     
Pinky And The Brain: The Master Plan    
Pinky Monkey Town     
Pinobee & Phoebee    
Pinobee: no Daibouken    
Pinobee: Wings of Adventure    
Pipe Dream    
Pippa Funnell: Stable Adventure   Game info
Pirate Battle     
Pirates of the Caribbean   Game info
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest    
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl   Game info
Pitfall Harry    
Pitfall: The Lost Expedition     
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure    
Pirate Battle     
Planet Monsters    
Planet of the Apes    
Player Manager 2002     
Play Novel: Silent Hill    
Pocket Dogs    Game info
Pocket GTA Advance    
Pocket Monsters Advance     
Pocket Monsters Ruby     
Pocket Monsters Sapphire     
Pocket Music     
Pocky and Rocky    
Pocky & Rocky With Becky    
Poke-Inu: Pocket Dogs     
Pokemon Advance     
Pokemon Beach Blankout Blastoise/Young Meowth Game Boy Advance Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs for Video    
Pokemon Crystal    
Pokemon Emerald Strategy Guides Game info
Pokemon Fire Red Strategy Guides Game info
Pokemon: GBA Video Volume 1    
Pokemon: GBA Video Volume 2    
Pokemon: GBA Video Volume 3    
Pokemon: GBA Video Volume 4    
Pokemon Gold/Silver    
Pokemon: For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!: GBA Video    
Pokemon I Choose You Squirtle Squad GBA Video    
Pokemon: Johto Photo Finish: GBA Video    
Pokemon Leaf Green Strategy Guides Game info
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team    
Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire Strategy Guides Game info
Pokemon Ruby Strategy Guides Game info
Pokemon Sapphire Strategy Guides Game info
Pokemon Trading Card Game    
Pokemon Yellow Version    
Polar Express, The    Game info
Polarium Advance    
Polly Pocket    
Polly!: Super Splash Island    Game info
Pong / Asteroids / Yar's Revenge     
Popeye: Hush Rush for Spinach    
Pop Idol    
Portal Runner     
Powerful Pro Kun Pocket    
Power Pro Kun Pocket    
Power Pro-kun Pocket Baseball 3     
Power Pro Kun Pocket 5     
Power Pro Kun Pocket 6     
Power Pro Kun Pocket 7     
Power Pro Tennis: WTA Tour Edition    
Powerpuff Girls    
Powerpuff Girls: Bad Mojo Jojo    
Powerpuff Girls: Him and Seek   Game info
Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo A-Go-Go    
Powerpuff Girls 2     
Power Rangers Dino Thunder   Game info
Power Rangers: Ninja Storm   Game info
Power Rangers Time Force   Game info
Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta   Game info
Power Rangers: Wild Force    
Prehistorik Man    
Premier Manager     
Premier Manager 03/04    
Premier Manager 04/05    
Premier Manager 2005/2006    Game info
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time    
Prince of Persia 3 (working title)    
Prince of Persia: Kindred Blades     
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones     
Princess Blue     
Princess Blue: Hime Kishi Monogatari FAQs     
Princess Blue: Hime Kishi Monogatari (First Time Limited Edition)     
Princess Natasha: Student Secret Agent    
Pro Beach Soccer     
Pro Fishing    Game info
Pro Mahjong Kiwame 3 GBA     
Pro Mahjong Tsuwamono EX Advance     
Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! Advance     
Proud Family    Game info
Proud Family: Game Boy Advance Cheats, Codes and Walkthroughs for Video Volume 1, The    
PukuPuku Tennen Kairanban     
Punch King    
Puyo Pop    
Puyo Puyo Advance    
Puzzle, The     
Puzzle KuruKuruPon!     
Puzzle Mahjong Kuru Kuru Pon     
Puzzle & Tantei Collection     
Pyuu to Fuku! Jogger Byuu to Deru! Megane-Kun    
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