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Games Strategy Guide: Zoo Tycoon: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets (Paperback)
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Official Game Strategy Guide Description: 

Game: Zoo Tycoon

Game Guide Book: Zoo Tycoon: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets (Paperback)

Game Guide Author: Michael Rymaszewski, Michael Rymaszewski

Publisher: Sybex Inc; 1st edition

Language: English

Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy

Strategy Guide Book Description:

Zoo Tycoon puts you in charge of designing, building, and managing your ultimate zoo! This exclusive strategy guide will teach you how to keep both animals and zoo guests deliriously happy, and you'll also learn how to build successful exhibits and make your zoo beautiful-while making piles of money. Written with full developer support, this guide provides all the tips and tricks you need to become the world's best zookeeper.
Inside you'll find:

• Detailed strategies for keeping nearly 50 species of animals (including humans) happy and healthy

• Step-by-step advice for each phase of your zoo's creation

• The lowdown on the more than 175 exhibit, zoo building, and decorative options

• Essential stats and analysis for managing your zoo's finances

• Comprehensive walkthroughs for every tricky scenario