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Games Strategy Guide: Ppk2 Resident Evil Bundle
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Official Game Strategy Guide Description: 

Game: Resident Evil Bundle

Game Guide Book: Ppk2 Resident Evil Bundle

Game Guide Author: Prima (Author)

Publisher: Prima Games

Language: English

Platform: PSX

Genre: Action Adventure / Horror

Strategy Guide Book Discription:

Resident Evil 2
Experience the Terror

• A and B walkthroughs for Leon and Claire

• Every secret walkthrough covered

• Killer maps!

• Complete Monster, Item, and Weapon index

• Extreme Battle Mode covered

Resident Evil: Director's Cut
There Goes the Neighborhood

• Thorough walkthroughs for Chris and Jill

• Detailed maps

• Vital secrets and strategies

• Locations of all essential items

• Strategies for defeating every monster

• Complete weapons list

• Alternate path flowcharts