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Games Strategy Guide: House of the Dead 2: Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games) (Paperback)
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Official Game Strategy Guide Description: 
Game: House of the Dead 2

Game Guide Book: House of the Dead 2: Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games) (Paperback)

Game Guide Author: Brady Games

Publisher: Brady

Language: English

Platform: Sega Dreamcast (DC), PC

Genre: Action / Shooter

Strategy Guide Book Description:

Fans of the original House of the Dead will still play in the same eerie environment, but will have new characters, weapons, more power-ups and game modes, including Training Mode, Boss Mode, and Original Mode. As a special agent, players destroy zombies and try to stop Dr. Curien from carrying out his evil plans. House of the Dead II has six challenging levels of difficulty that are full of sub-plots, secrets, and branching storylines.