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Games Strategy Guide: Homeworld Cataclysm : Prima's Official Strategy Guide (Paperback)
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Official Game Strategy Guide Description: 
Game: Homeworld Cataclysm

Game Guide Book: Homeworld Cataclysm : Prima's Official Strategy Guide (Paperback)

Game Guide Author: Greg Kramer

Publisher: Prima Games

Language: English

Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy / Real-Time

Strategy Guide Book Description:

Homeworld Cataclysm is the follow-up to the hottest PC title of 1999. This 3-D game takes place in the far reaches of the universe. Players must build and manage a self-sustaining society and protect it from peril. With Homeworld Cataclysm: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, you'll have everything you need to build a thriving society. Inside, you'll find extensive combat tactics, tips on resource management, fleet building and control, and more, including:

• Complete walkthroughs for all new missions

• Stellar tactics for every ship in the Homeworld fleet

• Tips on building balanced and invincible battle groups

• Strategies for multiplayer battle

• Tactics for research and spaceship upgrades