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Games Strategy Guide: Halo 2 the Official Guide
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USA>  1.  Halo 2 Official Game Guide
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Halo 2: DVD Enhanced: Official Game Guide
Halo 2 Official Game Guide
Canada>   1.  HALO 2 the Official Guide
 Halo 2: DVD Enhanced: Official Game Guide
Halo 2: Prima's Official Game Guide
Official Game Strategy Guide Description: 
Game: Halo 2

Game Guide Book: Halo 2 the Official Guide

Game Guide Author: Klaus-Dieter Hartwig (Author)

Publisher: Piggyback

Language: English

Platform: Action / Shooter

Genre: Microsoft Xbox (XB)

Strategy Guide Book Description:

• Covenant forces attack Earth, another Halo ring comes into play, and the Master Chief takes the battle to the Covenant

• New vehicles and weapons, destructible environments, low gravity, online play, Human vs. Covenant multiplayer battles, improved AI, and more

• Better control: sprint at twice normal speed, peek around corners, chain melee attacks into devastating combos

• Completely rewritten graphics engine allows previously unimaginable complexity and detail

• Multiplayer modes include Oddball, Race, Slayer, Capture the Flag, and exclusive modes only available for play over Microsoft Xbox (XB) Live