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Sony PSone (PSX) Featured Games - Get Information on the Latest Games for PC & Consoles, Future Games Releases, New Games Releases, Games Information, In Game Screenshots, New Games Characters, Games Description, Next Generation Consoles Games and more...

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Sony PSone (PSX) Game: Metal Gear Solid Special Mission


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Game Description:     Write a Review
Not so long ago a videogame took a whole industry by storm. Be it trade or consumers, freaks or average game players, young or old--they all were tremendously excited about Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions (MGS SM) is the latest addition to Konami's popular Metal Gear Solid franchise. Built around the VR-Training section of the original MGS, this add-on boosts a more action-oriented gameplay that will keep players entertained for a very long time to come.

Game Features

300 special missions
Extremely cool
Lots of gags and saveable best-times
Rock solid graphics, sound effects and music
More action-oriented than the original


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