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Xbox Core Console USM

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Bring gaming to life in your living room with the Xbox Video Game System, the essential center-piece to any home entertainment set up. Beneath the cool, tough exterior is a system capable of powering the very best single and multiplayer gaming experiences available today.Designed to push gaming to the absolute limit, the Xbox console delivers incredible graphics and cinematic sound that will drop you and your friends deep into the heart of the action. The immense range of top-class games and online gaming with Xbox Live mean there will never be another dull moment.

Xbox Features:

• Box contains: Xbox console, one Xbox controller, Xbox Standard AV cable, power cable. Games not included
• An Intel 733MHz processor, the most powerful CPU of any console
• An internal hard drive, for massive storage of game information
• An NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU)
• Four game controller ports
• A multi-signal audio-video connector that allows for easy hook up to televisions and home entertainment systems
• A front-loading DVD tray
• DVD capabilities (with additional purchase of Xbox Official DVD Movie Playback Controller)
• An Ethernet port for rich, fast-action online gaming--requires suitable broadband connection plus Xbox Live starter kit, to be launched in 2003; monthly fees payable after first year

Review - X-box Console:

An excellent console because the games on it rock and you don't have to waste money on things like memory cards, and it doesn't cost very much. overall with all the X-box live materials like headphones and X-box live itself, and most games only require 1 or 2 controllers which cost about ten dollars each, total up to just up to one hundred and fifty dollars. VERY cheap for one Awesome console. Also new owners BW WARNED ABOUT YOUR DISK DRIVER for it tends to wear out after about 200 hours of play. so enjoy one of the best game consoles ever made. ALSO WATCH OUT FOR THE X-BOX 360 COMING IN DECEMBER OF 2005.
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