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Sony Playstation 2 WTA Tour Tennis Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs
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Gameshark Codes

(M)Must Be On 0E3C7DF21853E59E   EE809B6EBCCBFAA2 
M.Hingis-Low Total
M.Hingis-Max Quality
M.Hingis-Low Quality
M.Hingis-1st Place
M.Hingis-Last Place
M.Hingis-Max Money
M.Hingis-No Money CE93BFDABCA9C292  CE93BFDABCA99B83  CE93BFE4BCA9C292  CE93BFE4BCA99B83
CE93BFE6BCA99B83  CE93BFE6BCA99B96  DE93BEA6BC413102  DE93BEA6BCA99B83 
J.Dokic J.Dokic-Max Total
J.Dokic-Low Total
J.Dokic-Max Quality
J.Dokic-Low Quality
J.Dokic-1st Place
J.Dokic-Last Place
J.Dokic-Max Money
J.Dokic-No Money CE93BEA2BCA9C292  CE93BEA2BCA99B83  CE93BEACBCA9C292  CE93BEACBCA99B83
S.Asagoe S.Asagoe-Max Total
S.Asagoe-Low Total
S.Asagoe-Max Quality
S.Asagoe-Low Quality
S.Asagoe-1st Place
S.Asagoe-Last Place
S.Asagoe-Max Money
S.Asagoe-No Money CE93BE6ABCA9C292  CE93BE6ABCA99B83  CE93BE74BCA9C292  CE93BE74BCA99B83
CE93BE76BCA99B83  CE93BE76BCA99B96  DE93BE36BC413102  DE93BE36BCA99B83 
L.Davenport L.Davenport-Max Total
L.Davenport-Low Total
L.Davenport-Max Quality
L.Davenport-Low Quality
L.Davenport-1st Place
L.Davenport-Last Place
L.Davenport-Max Money
L.Davenport-No Money CE93BE32BCA9C292  CE93BE32BCA99B83  CE93BE3CBCA9C292  CE93BE3CBCA99B83
S.Williams S.Williams-Max Total
S.Williams-Low Total
S.Williams-Max Quality
S.Williams-Low Quality
S.Williams-1st Place
S.Williams-Last Place
S.Williams-Max Money
S.Williams-No Money CE93BDFABCA9C292  CE93BDFABCA99B83  CE93BD84BCA9C292  CE93BD84BCA99B83
CE93BD86BCA99B83  CE93BD86BCA99B96  DE93BD46BC413102  DE93BD46BCA99B83 
M.Seles M.Seles-Max Total
M.Seles-Low Total
M.Seles-Max Quality
M.Seles-Low Quality
M.Seles-1st Place
M.Seles-Last Place
M.Seles-Max Money
M.Seles-No Money CE93BD42BCA9C292  CE93BD42BCA99B83  CE93BD4CBCA9C292  CE93BD4CBCA99B83
CE93BD4EBCA99B83  CE93BD4EBCA99B96  DE93BD0EBC413102  DE93BD0EBCA99B83 
A.Coetzer A.Coetzer-Max Total
A.Coetzer-Low Total
A.Coetzer-Max Quality
A.Coetzer-Low Quality
A.Coetzer-1st Place
A.Coetzer-Last Place
A.Coetzer-Max Money
A.Coetzer-No Money CE93BDD2BCA9C292  CE93BDD2BCA99B83  CE93BDDCBCA9C292  CE93BDDCBCA99B83
J.Capriati J.Capriati-Max Total
J.Capriati-Low Total
J.Capriati-Max Quality
J.Capriati-Low Quality
J.Capriati-1st Place
J.Capriati-Last Place
J.Capriati-Max Money
J.Capriati-No Money CE93BC9ABCA9C292  CE93BC9ABCA99B83  CE93BCA4BCA9C292  CE93BCA4BCA99B83
CE93BCA6BCA99B83  CE93BCA6BCA99B96  DE93BC66BC413102  DE93BC66BCA99B83 
A.Sugiyama A.Sugiyama-Max Total
A.Sugiyama-Low Total
A.Sugiyama-Max Quality
A.Sugiyama-Low Quality
A.Sugiyama-1st Place
A.Sugiyama-Last Place
A.Sugiyama-Max Money
A.Sugiyama-No Money CE93BC62BCA9C292  CE93BC62BCA99B83  CE93BC6CBCA9C292  CE93BC6CBCA99B83
CE93BC6EBCA99B83  CE93BC6EBCA99B96  DE93BC2EBC413102  DE93BC2EBCA99B83 
K.Clijsters K.Clijsters-Max Total
K.Clijsters-Low Total
K.Clijsters-Max Quality
K.Clijsters-Low Quality
K.Clijsters-1st Place
K.Clijsters-Last Place
K.Clijsters-Max Money
K.Clijsters-No Money CE93BC2ABCA9C292  CE93BC2ABCA99B83  CE93BC34BCA9C292  CE93BC34BCA99B83
CE93BC36BCA99B83  CE93BC36BCA99B96  DE93BCF6BC413102  DE93BCF6BCA99B83 
C.Black C.Black-Max Total
C.Black-Low Total
C.Black-Max Quality
C.Black-Low Quality
C.Black-1st Place
C.Black-Last Place
C.Black-Max Money
C.Black-No Money CE93BCF2BCA9C292  CE93BCF2BCA99B83  CE93BCFCBCA9C292  CE93BCFCBCA99B83
CE93B3FEBCA99B83  CE93B3FEBCA99B96  DE93B3BEBC413102  DE93B3BEBCA99B83 
A.Huber A.Huber-Max Total
A.Huber-Low Total
A.Huber-Max Quality
A.Huber-Low Quality
A.Huber-1st Place
A.Huber-Last Place
A.Huber-Max Money
A.Huber-No Money CE93B3BABCA9C292  CE93B3BABCA99B83  CE93B344BCA9C292  CE93B344BCA99B83
CE93B346BCA99B83  CE93B346BCA99B96  DE93B306BC413102  DE93B306BCA99B83 
A.Sanchez A.Sanchez-Max Total
A.Sanchez-Low Total
A.Sanchez-Max Quality
A.Sanchez-Low Quality
A.Sanchez-1st Place
A.Sanchez-Last Place
A.Sanchez-Max Money
A.Sanchez-No Money CE93B302BCA9C292  CE93B302BCA99B83  CE93B30CBCA9C292  CE93B30CBCA99B83
CE93B30EBCA99B83  CE93B30EBCA99B96  DE93B3CEBC413102  DE93B3CEBCA99B83 
S.Testud S.Testud-Max Total
S.Testud-Low Total
S.Testud-Max Quality
S.Testud-Low Quality
S.Testud-1st Place
S.Testud-Last Place
S.Testud-Max Money
S.Testud-No Money CE93B3CABCA9C292  CE93B3CABCA99B83  CE93B3D4BCA9C292  CE93B3D4BCA99B83
CE93B3D6BCA99B83  CE93B3D6BCA99B96  DE93B296BC413102  DE93B296BCA99B83 
L.Krasnoroutskaya L.Krasnoroutskaya-Max Total
L.Krasnoroutskaya-Low Total
L.Krasnoroutskaya-Max Quality
L.Krasnoroutskaya-Low Quality
L.Krasnoroutskaya-1st Place
L.Krasnoroutskaya-Last Place
L.Krasnoroutskaya-Max Money
L.Krasnoroutskaya-No Money CE93B292BCA9C292  CE93B292BCA99B83  CE93B29CBCA9C292  CE93B29CBCA99B83
CE93B29EBCA99B83  CE93B29EBCA99B96  DE93B25EBC413102  DE93B25EBCA99B83 
E.Dementieva E.Dementieva-Max Total
E.Dementieva-Low Total
E.Dementieva-Max Quality
E.Dementieva-Low Quality
E.Dementieva-1st Place
E.Dementieva-Last Place
E.Dementieva-Max Money
E.Dementieva-No Money CE93B25ABCA9C292  CE93B25ABCA99B83  CE93B264BCA9C292  CE93B264BCA99B83
CE93B266BCA99B83  CE93B266BCA99B96  DE93B226BC413102  DE93B226BCA99B83 
A.Stevenson A.Stevenson-Max Total
A.Stevenson-Low Total
A.Stevenson-Max Quality
A.Stevenson-Low Quality
A.Stevenson-1st Place
A.Stevenson-Last Place
A.Stevenson-Max Money
A.Stevenson-No Money CE93B222BCA9C292  CE93B222BCA99B83  CE93B22CBCA9C292  CE93B22CBCA99B83
CE93B22EBCA99B83  CE93B22EBCA99B96  DE93B2EEBC413102  DE93B2EEBCA99B83 
M.Lunic M.Lunic-Max Total
M.Lunic-Low Total
M.Lunic-Max Quality
M.Lunic-Low Quality
M.Lunic-1st Place
M.Lunic-Last Place
M.Lunic-Max Money
M.Lunic-No Money CE93B2EABCA9C292  CE93B2EABCA99B83  CE93B2F4BCA9C292  CE93B2F4BCA9C292
CE93B2F6BCA99B83  CE93B2F6BCA99B96  DE93B1B6BC413102  DE93B1B6BCA99B83 
K.Srebotnik K.Srebotnik-Max Total
K.Srebotnik-Low Total
K.Srebotnik-Max Quality
K.Srebotnik-Low Quality
K.Srebotnik-1st Place
K.Srebotnik-Last Place
K.Srebotnik-Max Money
K.Srebotnik-No Money CE93B1B2BCA9C292  CE93B1B2BCA99B83  CE93B1BCBCA9C292  CE93B1BCBCA99B83
CE93B1BEBCA99B83  CE93B1BEBCA99B96  DE93B17EBC413102  DE93B17EBCA99B83 

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