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Sony Playstation 2 Wakeboarding Unleashed Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs
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Sony Playstation 2 Strategy Guides Canada:  Sony Playstation2 Wakeboarding Unleashed Official Games Strategy Guides Books
UK:           Sony Playstation2 Wakeboarding Unleashed Official Games Strategy Guides Books
USA:         Sony Playstation2 Wakeboarding Unleashed Official Games Strategy Guides Books
Note: This game is also know as: Shaun Murray Wakeboarding Unleashed | Wakeboarding Unleashed

All Gaps - Enter at the Main Menu: R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2, R2.

Level Select - Enter at the Main Menu: Square, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle.

Unlock More Boards - To have each rider's second and third boards, enter at the Main Menu: Up, Up, Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, Up, Left, Right, Down, Up, Left, Right, Down.

Unlock All Boarders - To unlock all boarders in the game, rotate the right analog stick clockwise fifteen times at the main menu. Wake's up!

Unlock Boarder Movies - To unlock each boarder's movie, complete the game with that character.

Get 2nd and 3rd boards for each rider - Go to the main menu then hit up, up, left, left, right, right, down, down, up, left, right, down, up, left, right, down.

Get all boarders - Go to the main menu then rotate the right analog stick fifteen times clockwise.

Unlock Credits - To unlock the credits, beat the game once with any boarder.

Unlock Everything - At the main menu, tap UP and DOWN (five times for this motion), then press LEFT and RIGHT (five times for this motion). Done correctly, a message will verify the code.

Play with Jordan - Get every star in each Star Search Challenge.

Play with Summer - Complete the game using any boarder.
Sent in by Marcy & Alex

Cheat Device Codes

[M]Must Be On F447BE3C B6744D16
Cobe Mikacich: All Gaps 15201D36 BDB80AE2  15603E36 BD3818E2  15603C36 BD3818E2  15603F36 BD3818E2  15603D36 BD3818E2  15603E36 BDB818E2  15603C36 BDB818E2  15603F36 BDB818C2  15603D36 BDB818E2  15603E36 BD3818C2  15203C36 BD3818E2
Cobe Mikacich: Challenges & Objectives Complete 15201D36 BDB80A72  15603E36 BD381872  15603C36 BD381872  15603F36 BD381872  15603D36 BD381872  15603E36 BDB81872  15603C36 BDB81872  15603F36 BDB81872  15603D36 BDB81872  15203E36 BD381872  15203C36 BD381872  15201D36 BDB80AC2  15603E36 BD3818C2  15603C36 BD3818C2  15603F36 BD3818C2  15603D36 BD3818C2  15603E36 BDB818C2  15603C36 BDB818C2  15603F36 BDB818C2  15603D36 BDB818C2  15603E36 BD3818C2  15203C36 BD3818C2
Cobe Mikacich: Infinite Stat Points 25603728 3CB0436A 
Cobe Mikacich: Max Air Control 25B0172A 34B041CA  
Cobe Mikacich: Max Curve Balance 25B0172A 34B041DA
Cobe Mikacich: Max Hang Time 25B0172A 34B0415A
Cobe Mikacich: Max Jump Height 25B0172A 34B0416A
Cobe Mikacich: Max Rail Balance 25B0172A 34B041EA
Cobe Mikacich: Max Switch 25B0172A 34B041FA
Cobe Mikacich: Max Turning 25B0172A 34B0417A
Collin Wright: All Gaps 15601F36 BD381862  15601D36 BD381862  15601E36 BDB81862  15601C36 BDB81862  15601F36 BDB81862  15601D36 BDB81862  15201E36 BD381862  15201C36 BD381862  15201F36 BD381862  15601D36 BD381862  15201E36 BDB81862
Collin Wright: Challenges & Objectives Complete 15601C36 BD3818F2  15601F36 BD3818F2  15601D36 BD3818F2  15601E36 BDB818F2  15601C36 BDB818F2  15601F36 BDB818F2  15601D36 BDB818F2  15201E36 BD3818F2  15201C36 BD3818F2  15201F36 BD3818F2  15201D36 BD3818F2  15601F36 BD381842  15601D36 BD381842  15601E36 BDB81842  15601C36 BDB81842  15601F36 BDB81842  15601D36 BDB81842  15201E36 BD381842  15201C36 BD381842  15201F36 BD381842  15601D36 BD381842  15201E36 BDB81842
Collin Wright: Infinite Stat Points 25603728 3CB0435A
Collin Wright: Max Air Control 25B0152A 34B0417A
Collin Wright: Max Curve Balance 25B0152A 34B041EA
Collin Wright: Max Hang Time 25B0152A 34B0416A
Collin Wright: Max Jump Height 25B0152A 34B0414A
Collin Wright: Max Rail Balance 25B0152A 34B041CA
Collin Wright: Max Switch 25B0152A 34B041DA
Collin Wright: Max Turning 25B0152A 34B0415A
Dallas Friday: All Gaps 15603E36 BDB81AE2  15603C36 BDB81AE2  15603F36 BDB81AE2  15603D36 BDB81AE2  15203E36 BD381AE2  15203C36 BD381AE2  15203F36 BD381AE2  15203D36 BD381AE2  15203E36 BDB81AE2  15203C36 BDB81AE2  15203F36 BDB81AE2
Dallas Friday: Challenges & Objectives Complete 15603E36 BDB81A72  15603C36 BDB81A72  15603F36 BDB81A72  15603D36 BDB81A72  15203E36 BD381A72  15203C36 BD381A72  15203F36 BD381A72  15203D36 BD381A72  15203E36 BDB81A72  15203C36 BDB81A72  15203F36 BDB81A72  15603E36 BDB81AC2  15603C36 BDB81AC2  15603F36 BDB81AC2  15603D36 BDB81AC2  15203E36 BD381AC2  15203C36 BD381AC2  15203F36 BD381AC2  15203D36 BD381AC2  15203E36 BDB81AC2  15203C36 BDB81AC2  15203F36 BDB81AC2  
Dallas Friday: Infinite Stat Points 25603729 3CB0435A 
Dallas Friday: Max Air Control 25F0362A 3430435A
Dallas Friday: Max Curve Balance 25F0362A 343043CA
Dallas Friday: Max Hang Time 25F0362A 3430434A
Dallas Friday: Max Jump Height 25B0152A 34B041FA
Dallas Friday: Max Rail Balance 25F0362A 3430437A
Dallas Friday: Max Switch 25F0362A 343043EA
Dallas Friday: Max Turning 25F0362A 3430436A
Darin Shapiro: All Gaps 15601D36 BDB81A62  15201E36 BD381A62  15201C36 BD381A62  15201F36 BD381A62  15201D36 BD381A62  15201E36 BDB81A62  15201C36 BDB81A62  15201F36 BDB81A62  15201D36 BDB81A62  15603E76 BD380C22  15603C76 BD380C22
Darin Shapiro: Challenges & Objectives Complete 15601F36 BDB81AF2  15601D36 BDB81AF2  15201E36 BD381AF2  15201C36 BD381AF2  15201F36 BD381AF2  15201D36 BD381AF2  15201E36 BDB81AF2  15201C36 BDB81AF2  15201F36 BDB81AF2  15201D36 BDB81AF2  15603E76 BD380CB2  15601D36 BDB81A42  15201E36 BD381A42  15201C36 BD381A42  15201F36 BD381A42  15201D36 BD381A42  15201E36 BDB81A42  15201C36 BDB81A42  15201F36 BDB81A42  15201D36 BDB81A42  15603E76 BD380C02  15603C76 BD380C02  15203C76 BD380CA2
Darin Shapiro: Infinite Stat Points 25603728 3CB043CA
Darin Shapiro: Max Air Control 25F0342A 3430436A
Darin Shapiro: Max Curve Balance 25F0342A 3430437A
Darin Shapiro: Max Hang Time 25F0362A 343043FA
Darin Shapiro: Max Jump Height 25F0362A 343043DA
Darin Shapiro: Max Rail Balance 25F0342A 3430435A
Darin Shapiro: Max Switch 25F0342A 343043CA
Darin Shapiro: Max Turning 25F0342A 3430434A
Infinite Groove 25FC3348 0631D128
Parks Bonifay: All Gaps 15203F76 BD380CA2  15203D76 BD380CA2   15203E76 BDB80CA2  15203C76 BDB80CA2  15203F76 BDB80CA2  15203D76 BDB80CA2  15601E76 BD380CA2  15601C76 BD380CA2  15601F76 BD380CA2  15601D76 BD380CA2
Parks Bonifay: Challenges & Objectives Complete 15203C76 BD380C32  15203F76 BD380C32  15203D76 BD380C32  15203E76 BDB80C32  15203C76 BDB80C32  15203F76 BDB80C32  15203D76 BDB80C32  15601E76 BD380C32  15601C76 BD380C32  15601F76 BD380C32  15601D76 BD380C32  15203C76 BD380C82  15203F76 BD380C82  15203D76 BD380C82  15203E76 BDB80C82  15203C76 BDB80C82  15203F76 BDB80C82 
15203D76 BDB80C82  15601E76 BD380C82  15601C76 BD380C82  15601F76 BD380C82  15601D76 BD380C82
Parks Bonifay: Infinite Stat Points 25603728 3CB043EA
Parks Bonifay: Max Air Control 25F0372A 3430434A
Parks Bonifay: Max Curve Balance 25F0372A 3430435A
Parks Bonifay: Max Hang Time 25F0342A 343043DA
Parks Bonifay: Max Jump Height 25F0342A 343043EA
Parks Bonifay: Max Rail Balance 25F0372A 3430436A
Parks Bonifay: Max Switch 25F0372A 3430437A
Parks Bonifay: Max Turning 25F0342A 343043FA
Shaun Murray: All Challenges & Objectives Complete 15203E36 BDB80AF2 15203C36 BDB80AF2 15203F36 BDB80AF2 15203D36 BDB80AF2
15601E36 BD380AF2  15601C36 BD380AF2  15601F36 BD380AF2  15601D36 BD380AF2  15601E36 BDB80AF2  15601C36 BDB80AF2  15601F36 BDB80AF2  15203C36 BDB80A42  15203F36 BDB80A42  15203D36 BDB80A42  15601E36 BD380A42  15601C36 BD380A42  15601F36 BD380A42  15601D36 BD380A42  15601E36 BDB80A42  15601C36 BDB80A42  15601F36 BDB80A42  15601D36 BDB80A42 
Shaun Murray: All Gaps 15203C36 BDB80A62  15203F36 BDB80A62  15203D36 BDB80A62  15601E36 BD380A62  15601C36 BD380A62  15601F36 BD380A62  15601D36 BD380A62  15601E36 BDB80A62  15601C36 BDB80A62  15601F36 BDB80A62  15601D36 BDB80A62  
Shaun Murray: Infinite Stat Points 25603728 3CB0434A 
Shaun Murray: Max Air Control 25B0142A 34B041EA
Shaun Murray: Max Curve Balance 25B0142A 34B041FA
Shaun Murray: Max Hang Time 25B0142A 34B0417A
Shaun Murray: Max Jump Height 25B0142A 34B0415A
Shaun Murray: Max Rail Balance 25B0142A 34B041DA
Shaun Murray: Max Switch 25B0172A 34B0414A
Shaun Murray: Max Turning 25B0142A 34B041CA
Start Level with 999,999 24C2FC54 6E260768
Tara Hamilton: All Gaps 15201E76 BDB80C22  15201C76 BDB80C22  15201F76 BDB80C22  15201D76 BDB80C22  15603E76 BD380E22  15603C76 BD380E22  15603F76 BD380E22  15603D76 BD380E22  15603E76 BDB80E22  15603C76 BDB80E22  15603F76 BDB80E22
Tara Hamilton: Challenges & Objectives Complete 15201D76 BD380CB2  15201E76 BDB80CB2  15201C76 BDB80CB2  15201F76 BDB80CB2  15201D76 BDB80CB2  15603E76 BD380EB2  15603C76 BD380EB2  15603F76 BD380EB2  15603D76 BD380EB2  15603E76 BDB80EB2  15603C76 BDB80EB2  15201E76 BDB80C02  15201C76 BDB80C02  15201F76 BDB80C02  15201D76 BDB80C02  15603E76 BD380E02  15603C76 BD380E02 
15603F76 BD380E02  15603D76 BD380E02  15603E76 BDB80E02  15603C76 BDB80E02  15603F76 BDB80E02
Tara Hamilton: Infinite Stat Points 25603728 3CB043DA
Tara Hamilton: Max Air Control 25F0372A 343043FA
Tara Hamilton: Max Curve Balance 25F0352A 3430436A
Tara Hamilton: Max Hang Time 25F0372A 343043EA
Tara Hamilton: Max Jump Height 25F0372A 343043CA
Tara Hamilton: Max Rail Balance 25F0352A 3430434A
Tara Hamilton: Max Switch 25F0352A 3430435A
Tara Hamilton: Max Turning 25F0372A 343043DA
Unlock All Boards 256F6ED6 E98B1E93
Unlock All Levels 252FCBD6 C90B0A57
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