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Sony Playstation 2 Robotech Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs
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Sony Playstation 2 Strategy Guides Canada:  Sony Playstation2 Robotech Official Games Strategy Guides Books
UK:           Sony Playstation2 Robotech Official Games Strategy Guides Books
USA:         Sony Playstation2 Robotech Official Games Strategy Guides Books
Robotech: Battlecry XBOX FAQ/Walkthrough Written by KWhitman - Kevin Whitman
robotech battlecry guide
USA>  Robotech: Prima's Official Game Guide
Europe>  Robotech: Prima's Official Game Guide
Canada>  Robotech- Battlecry- Official Game Guide

Invincibility in Story Mode: Enter training Mode - Select Fighter Training - Shoot down first two drones -  Exit training mode [Note: Do not shoot down the second set of drones].
Sent in by Cyborg57

Bronze Cross Medal - Destroy 50 Battle Pods.
Distinguished Service Medal: Unlock [Rick] Paint Design
Distinguished Service Medal - Finish the Enemy Within mission.
Gold Cross Medal - Finish the Silver Cross Medal Set and destroy 100 Battle Pods.
Gold Nova Medal - Finish the Vengeance mission three times.
Jolly Roger Medal: Unlock [Skull-One] Paint Design and [Bursting Point] Versus Map.
Jolly Roger Medal - Finish the Party Crashers mission three times.
Master Airman Medal - Destroy 100 Fighter Pods.
Meritorious Service Medal - Finish the Force of Arms mission.
R.D.F. Flying Ace Medal - Finish the Master Airman Medal Set.
R.D.F. Starburst Medal - Finish all Boss missions two times.
R.D.F. Supernova Medal - Finish Gold Nova Medal Set.
Robotech Marksman Medal - Kill 50 Nousjadel-Ger in Sniper Mode.
Robotech Marksmen Medal - Unlocks [Stealth] Paint Design
Silver Cross Medal - Finish the Bronze Cross Medal Set and destroy 75 Battle Pods.
Silver Shield Medal - Use the VF-1A to Finish the Graveyard mission.
Southern Cross Medal - Finish the Gold Cross Medal Set.
Superior Defense Medal - Finish the Attrition mission.
Titanium Medal of Valor Medal: Unlock [VF-1J]
Titanium Medal of Valor Medal - Finish the Knife's Edge mission.
Tuna Head Medal - Unlock [Female Armor].
Tuna Head Medal - Kill 50 Del Regults.
Wolf Leader Medal - Unlock [VF-1R] and [Wolf] Paint Design.
Wolf Leader Medal - Finish the To The Death mission.

Use Special Armor on Ground Levels - Normally you can only use the special veritech armor [Super Veritech, Armored Veritech] you can only use them in space missions. However this was overlooked and can be used. Begin a space-mission with the special armor equipped on your veritech, beat the space mission, when the mission is over you can select Continue, you will continue to the next level with the special veritech armor still equipped.
Send in by Nathan Tyler/Tom E/Lenox & Sue/Troy Johnson/Anthony Green/Sniper Killer

Gameshark codes

Enable Code (Must Be On) FA7A006E 32A972E9
Infinite Health 2A4F23A1 3C0246EA  2A3723A1 AC820174
Infinite Primary Weapon 2A373BA4 00000000
Infinite Secondary Weapon 2A9B3BC2 00000000
Infinite Special Ability 2A272072 00000000
Infinite Health (Most Escorts) 2AACC91F 3C010146  2AA8C91F 0061082B  2A94C91F 10200005  2A90C91F 3C0246EA  2A9CC91F AC620174  2A98C91F 03E00008  2A84C91F 00000000  2A1B34B8 0C030088

Unlock Versus Mode Level Codes
Train Depot 0A773CCA 00000021
Flood City 0A2F3CCA 00000021
Bursting Point 0AC73CC9 00000021
Graveyard 0A7F3CC8 00000021
Graystone 0A173CC8 00000021
Factory 0ACF3CCF 00000021
Debris Field 0A673CCE 00000021
City In Space 0A1F3CCE 00000021

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