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Sony PS3 Spider-Man 3 Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs
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Sony Playsation 3 Strategy Guides Canada:  Sony Playstation3 Spider-Man 3 Official Games Strategy Guides Books
UK:           Sony Playstation3 Spider-Man 3 Official Games Strategy Guides Books
USA:         Sony Playstation3 Spider-Man 3 Official Games Strategy Guides Books

City shortcut - There is a way to cut the distance you have to travel. Get to the Daily Bugle. Get in between two smoke towers. You can use your Spider-Sense to find it. Look in the direction you want to go, then press Square and tap Left Analog-stick Down.

Defeat enemies - To easily defeat enemies jump then keep tapping both Attack buttons.

Easy kills - When an enemy is running away from you, press Circle. You will stun their eye and make it easier to kill them.

To easily defeat enemies, jump then keep tapping both Attack buttons.

Use the following trick to defeat Apocalypse Gang members, Arsenic Candy girls, and Dr. Connor's Lizard Creations in one hit. Jump up in the air and pull the enemy up to you. Then, very quickly press Circle when they are close then Triangle repeatedly. You will pile drive their head in to the ground. This move will only defeat the lower level gang members in one hit. In order to do this on the ones with weapons, you must be Black suit Spider-Man in Rage mode. They will lose 75% of their health.

Fight Against King-Pin - As Black suit Spider-Man, use your slow motion to dodge the King-Pin's attacks. Build up your "Rage Mode". Once in "Rage Mode" you can attack as normal.

Fight against Venom - To defeat Venom in the grand finale mission, hold L1 and run and hit the boxes which drive him crazy. By holding L1 while doing this, you will have more time to run while your opponent is in slow motion.

Get past bridge barriers up to a certain point - You can't take a bridge to the other side because of invisible barriers. I have found a way to get past them. However, you are very limited to what you can do. First, go to the Manhattan Bridge because it is a long one. Go within barriers and be on the side of the bridge where cars are heading to the barrier and beyond (right side). Jump on one of the cars and immediately enter Photo Mode. Hopefully, the car will continue driving and will drive past the barrier. You are still alive and are able to move around, zoom in, and take photos. You cannot leave Photo Mode because you will be catapulted back to the barrier. You can go as far as the other borough that is heavily lighted in the night time. At a certain point (usually when the bridge ends), you will reach a gray screen, and the only thing you can do is push the Start button and start over.

Getting angry - To get angry without having do fight enemies, simply tap R1 repeatedly. Spider-Man will make a shaking hand motion and will scream. The longer you tap R1, the more rage you will build up.

Mismatched voices - Some civilians are gender/race confused. They will talk to you with voices that will not match their appearance.

Missing people - There are times when people may appear as exclamation points and they cannot get hurt.

Play as Peter Parker - When there is a mission available for the Daily Bugle, go to it. Go inside the building and talk to Robbie. When he assigns you a project, leave the building, then go back in. Notice that the nav point is now showing up from inside the building. Wait up to seven minutes inside the building. You will then get a mission failed message (you wasted too much time, Eddie has taken your job). You will now have two options, "Retry" or "Do something else". Select "Do something else", and you should then appear on top of the Daily Bugle as Peter Parker. Walk over to the race on top of the building, but do not start it. When "Press X to start mission" appears, you will have the ability to use X, which is punch. Walk over to the edge of the building and hold Forward and do uppercuts until Peter falls off the building. You are now Peter Parker in the city; however, all you can do is run around and punch or web. To exit, die. When you respawn on top of the building, go into the Daily Bugle, then come back out.

Play as the New Goblin (Collector's Edition) - Defeat the New Goblin in his first battle to unlock him as a playable character.

Random gang - If you go to a crime area that is already been taken over by the police, you may still answer, but it will be challenges with a random gang. Note that nothing will happen to the area once you complete the mission.

Token collection - While swinging through the city you might hear a chime. This indicates that you are close to a token.


Arena Mode - Complete the game.

Black Spiderman Suit - Beat the Grand Finale Mission.

New Goblin - Beat New Goblin/Harry to unlock him for gameplay. Note: This only works for the collector's edition of Spiderman 3.

Symbiote Spider-Man's story mode - Successfully complete the game as Spider-Man to unlock Symbiote Spider-Man's story mode.

Venom - When you are fighting venom press L1 while you are breaking it at the same time for everyone you do. And that will unlock venom for free roam.

Go to the daily bugle and use your spidey sense to find to smoke towers. Then go slightly in between them and press square. then it will tell you to move the left analog stick down multiple times. then you will fly great distances. This is useful to get around the city faster. First try both directions out and then plan when you want to use them in missions. Or just use it for fun.

Web swinging upgrades - You can earn upgrades for this ability by using it a lot.

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