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During game play type [ENTER] to open the chat window then enter one of the following:

HMGOD = God Mode for Currently Selected Unit
HMREVEAL = Show Entire Map
HMNOFOG = Remove Fog of War
HMPETLEVA = 50,000 for All Resources
HMDVALEVA = 10,000 for All Resources
HMTIMER = Shows Timer
HMUSURP = Lose Control of Main Buildings
HMNOTECH = Buildings/Units Don't Depend on Upgrades
HMKINGDOM x Selected Unit Becomes Part of Player x's Unit (1-9)
HMSPAWN name Spawns Any Unit From the Game

Codes for Demo - Hit [ENTER] to bring up the dialog box, type cheat and press [ENTER] again to activate.

Code - Result

hmprettypleasewithsugarontop - Activate Cheat Mode
hmresign - Lose Current Board Type hmgod - God Mode for
Current Unit hmnotech - All Technology Available
hmbuildozer - Instantly Build Selected Structure
hmpetleva - 10,000 of Each Resource hmreveal - Reveal
Map hmnofog - Remove Fog of War
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