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Nintendo Revolution Console Specification
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Nintendo Revolution (Nintendo Wii)
Sophisticated Design. The new console is approximately the size of three standard DVD cases stacked together, and it was displayed in a variety of prototype colors at E3. The console will come with a sleek silver stand allowing it to be displayed vertically or horizontally.

Backward Compatibility. Revolution will play all of your favorite Nintendo GameCube games. An innovative self-loading media bay will play both 12-centimeter optical discs used for the new system as well as Nintendo GameCube discs. You can also equip a small, self-contained attachment to play movies and other DVD content.

Huge Historic Library. Revolution will have downloadable access to 20 years of fan-favorite titles originally released for Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and even the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Big Names. Nintendo announced that new franchise properties will be added to current super-star franchises including Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong and Metroid.

Wi-Fi Freedom. A worldwide network of Nintendo players can gather to compete in a comfortable, inviting environment using Nintendo's newly announced wireless gaming service, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
Nintendo Revolution (Nintendo Wii)
Nintendo Revolution Console Specification:
- WiFi controllers and a 'very unique' controller to be introduced later
- WiFi games with Nintendo characters
- "strong 3rd party support"
- Square Enix working on wifi Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
- game development is claimed to be a breeze
- disc drive accepts GameCube games but system is backwards compat
w/ all past Nintendo games via downloads
- unique way to combine internet, controlling, flash memory to
combine a unique game experience. keeps hinting towards
- 2006 console

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