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Game Boy Advance The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs
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Nintendo Game Boy Advance Strategy Guides Canada:  Game Boy Advance The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Official Games Strategy Guides Books
UK:           Game Boy Advance The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Official Games Strategy Guides Books
USA:         Game Boy Advance The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Official Games Strategy Guides Books
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap FAQ/Walkthrough - Written by Jim Avery - aka The Sound Defense
Zelda: The Minish Cap (Fushigi no Boushi) FAQ/Walkthrough Written by Arjen Voogt - aka Grawl
The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap Guide - written by Alex Eagleson

Note:-  This game is also known as - Zelda: The Minish Cap

Red rupee:

Once you get the Mole Mitts, go to Links house and dig up the clump of grass 1 space left of the door. You will always find a red rupee (20 rupees). once dug up simply enter and exit the house and dig again for a rather niffty way of getting as much rupees as you want without having to hunt around for them.
Sent in by: Ragamuffin'

Extra defense and/or offense:

When you get to a certain part in the game after the Wind Ruins, a man named Gustaf will enter Hyrule Town. At the bottom of the map, there is a house with a blue roof. This is where Gustaf will be found. He will be standing in front of the door and will say something about renting his house. After talking to him, go to the Inn on the right that just opened after the Wind Ruins. In the back will be three girls, Farore, Din, and Naryu. Talk to one of them and they will say "Do you have a house you want me to rent?" or something similar. After you talked to one of them, they will live in that house for the rest of the game. After this is done, go to the top left part of Hyrule Town. Directly below the post office will be Gustaf again. He will say "Maybe I'll build a house here...". Go to the right of the post office (on the very top left of map). There will be a carpenter standing there. He will say "Geez, I wish the boss would feel better". Give him a Kinstone and a short intermission sequence will start, featuring the carpenter saying "Wow I feel so good. I could build a house". After a few minutes, the house will be built. To the right of the post office is a bridge. Once again, Gustaf can be found sitting there. He will say " I could build a house here if only I could get rid of these cats…".

Roll through enemies:

You can roll right through enemies. This is useful when one is coming at you and you have nowhere to run.

Spider Drownage

If you chop grass and a spider comes out, run to the water and dive in. The spider will drown!

How to kill 2nd Vaati

Get your light arrows out, shoot one of the 8 balls around him, if it is blue shoot another one, if it is red shoot the one beside it, now the one above it and the one on the other side. Now multiply into four links in the same pattern as the red balls are in and hit them with the sword. When the balls blow up attack the eye. Repeat until dead. Watch out for his attacks though! There are 3 of them, one is that he shoots purple spiky things everywhere they will stay on the battle arena until hit with the sword. The 2nd one is he jumps up and down and rocks fall down (they smash straightaway). The last attack is he shoots electric balls at you.


Bottle Locations - These are the locations and ways to get the bottles.

Unlockable How to Unlock
1.Trilby Highlands. Buy it from the Deku in the cave in Trilby Highlands.
2.Hyrule Town Shrinkand enter the shop from mamas cafe. Grow, take the bottle, and the guy will tell you to feed his dog. Go to lake hylia, and feed the dog in house
3.Your house Fuse kinsyones with master smith. Go to Eastern Hills, and get the bottle in the chest.
4.Eaastern Hills Finish the Goron sidequest.

Extended Great Spin Attack - You need all 8 Tiger Scrolls and the flippers. When you fuse kinstone with the swordsman trainer in Mt. Crenel it will open a waterfall passage in Castor Wilds. And when you fuse kinstones with the trainer in Lake Hylia it will open another waterfall passage in North Hyrule field. In both passages talk to the swordsman trainers there.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Great Spin Attack Upgrade #1 Fuse kinstones with Swordsman Trainer in Mt. Crenel.
Great Spin Attack Upgrade #2 Fuse kinstones with Swordsman Trainer in Lake Hylia.

Extra Goodies - Here is how to unlock some extra goodies.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Golden Tingle Statue Complete all Kinfusions, then talk to Tingle.
Sound Test After Getting all 130 Original Fingurines, talk to the guy sitting outside at the table.

Get Remote Bombs - To get the remote bombs, go back to Minish Village. Talk to the elder, then Kinfuse with him. Then, exit town via the northwest exit. Enter the house with the picori that gave you the bombs. He should give you the remote bombs. Lay a bomb down, then press that button again to detonate it whenever you'd like.

Note: Talking to the picori again while cause you to get the normal bombs again.

Get The Light Arrows - If you have already beaten the game you can not get the Light Arrows. First you need to go to Hyrule Town, and go to the North West part of town, and you will see a house with a yellow roof. Go into it and Fuse Kinstones with the man. It will unlock a teleport to the Castle in the Cloud Tops. In the castle you will find an Old man Plagued by an evil spirit, use the gust jar to suck it up. When you come back to the Cloud Tops later in the game, go to the old man to get the Light Arrows!

Get The Mirror Shield - First you must have the game beaten, and have finished the Goron Quest. Go to the sixth and Final Goron and fuse kinstones with him, the giant Goron will now appear on the top of Veil Falls. Go there and let the Giant Goron eat the Shield, come back to the Goron later, and he will give you the Mirror Shield!

Magic Boomerang - In order to get the Magic Boomerang, first fuse with the Tingle Siblings, which reside in South Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, Royal Valley and Lon Lon Ranch. They will each open up a tree in North Hyrule Field. There, you may find various things and a switch. Hit all four switches to open up the middle ladder. Inside is the Magic Boomerang.

Swordsman newsletter - When you fuse kinstones with the postman running everywhere in Hyrule Town,
a girl will go into the post office next to the stamping guy. You can buy the swordsman newsletter for a huge price. Each issue contains tips to get around the secret areas of hyrule.

Unlockable How to Unlock  -  Swordsman newsletter Fuse kinstones with the postman in Hyrule Town.

The Three Goddess' charms - Go to the Inn and go where the three girls are. Go up to Farore and fuse kinstones with her. It should show the guy named "Gorman" going up to the locked house, saying he wants to rent it out. Go talk to him, and decide witch Goddess you want to give you a charm. Whatever one, go talk to her, and she goes to live in the house. Go talk to her in there, and she gives you a charm for your empty bottle.


Unlockable How to Unlock
Carlov Medal Collect all 136 figurines
Open Locked Hyrule House Collect original 130 figurines

Action Replay Codes

77079181  cf77d17e  56c938d1  7ffb0875

Infinite Health
5cb4a820  19d7b24d

Max Health
253d28c7  015f1cfb

Max Rupees
dd955f93  ad8dc2c1

All Sword Techniques
37d3d776  741f4b90

Infinite Small Keys
095b38c8  85b24ad0

All Accessories
1a34f7c2  25678d8c

Infinite Bombs
180e2ff5  09f89c98

Infinite Arrows
96d82ea0  2cf7e428

Complete Hyrule Map
990c5142  c2628023

Have Dungeon M/C/BK
e5cfb7d8  6f84cb23

2c35cec1  3efe80b3

2c35cec1  3efe80b3

Have All Best Items
38791c5a  da065dda  526a6c4b  1f3dcc1c

L+Down For Mini Mode

L+Up For Normal Mode

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