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Game Boy Advance Bomberman Max 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs
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Nintendo Game Boy Advance Strategy Guides Canada:  Game Boy Advance Bomberman Max 2 Official Games Strategy Guides Books
UK:           Game Boy Advance Bomberman Max 2 Official Games Strategy Guides Books
USA:         Game Boy Advance Bomberman Max 2 Official Games Strategy Guides Books
Easy Charaboms:-  In a two player battle, you normally would lose your Charabom if you lost. However, turn off the power immediately before losing. Your opponent will get a free Charabom and you will not lose one. If done purposely, the person who wanted to give someone a copy of their Charabom would purposely lose, turning off before the final blow.

Charabom that makes you very powerful:-  In the Garden stage, get a Dorako and Elephan. Fuse them to make Elefandon, a Charabom that gives you the maximum amount of bombs and full power.

Bomb shield:-  When holding Invisible Vest, set a bomb and just as it explodes rapidly press A repeatedly. This will protect you. Be careful not to blow yourself up after the Vest wears off.

Gameshark Codes

Must Be On [M] E4D1BFED9453AD9C  7C5227740684D3CC
Infinite Lives F2212BAA76150635
Infinite Time 47EF21DFB84B3FD7
Lay Tons Of Bombs B666AB218DDD55CD
Max Blast Length A998B7D171C124B7
Invincible CC035E16C4F71182
All Charaboms(1) Part 1 6F721F41128F0A8F  81E706588A28723E  D99B492F961D3EDA  7616F51FBB837E70 
9DFDB2F09E229FE6  FD865D4B006B450F  18DC144983452479  2BDECF454E58D340  61500A0F578154E2
36061992D025E925  B1126DF2E8A71174  F649A63992E55658  40A3D1F85CA5D72D
All Charaboms(2) Part 2 9247FF2363C97ACA  9BAC321F1B2CF32E  6D3B37F73A642F01   F78EA74085D12583
FE6D85A30BCFF85C  E5DF8A648F0DF4A9  2578E41C45050D25  F4390FE97E28BA93  D6A76F504C0F9717
0D7D3321B8A30E6A  6B3F2F690ECC9BD1  07D7A7A1297956F1  1785165F08421300  E7446FABE83D150E
DB3FD7ED9FAD484B  6919FA73C7DE2052  2C7530D049E50380

Charabom Stat Codes
Codes No1 Max Stats
No2 Max Stats
No3 Max Stats
No4 Max Stats
No5 Max Stats
No6 Max Stats
No7 Max Stats
No8 Max Stats
No9 Max Stats
No10 Max Stats
No11 Max Stats
No12 Max Stats
No13 Max Stats
No14 Max Stats
No15 Max Stats
No16 Max Stats
No17 Max Stats
No18 Max Stats
No19 Max Stats
No20 Max Stats
No21 Max Stats
No22 Max Stats
No23 Max Stats
No24 Max Stats
No25 Max Stats
No26 Max Stats
No27 Max Stats
No28 Max Stats
No29 Max Stats
No30 Max Stats
170D009A76E28362  59958C6FCFAAE2C6  3C43B9A6BDEF3ECB  FD26193D828733F3  BD3BDEE35D70A820
B55297EFFCEA0BF9  766D91D004DA3CDD  FA9BA9AE70C470E7  389859836A7A7C7E  C589E584D5E2CE4D
A86B33B1BCDD2841  EE84DB0A74843313  EDBEA9193B056333  654F76AA604E0306  A18342CABB9B2CCC
1E7238C75FBB24C9  CFA68AB9F916AF69  5E8F04F66A4FBAF6  7C36C4600F22AC7D  6E60C64ACA9F79D2
28A38BE1C51107DF  A26BDCA39DCCB992  DFB8834EB71318C1  BE671F9723896818  BBA3365F4202523B
A7D10123F8B31D26  28B1A683096829DD  6458C14FF74B842F  1661E93A2C54757F  E1A299E6769CF7C1
D45AFCFD04534A78  39FF3CB0A840B934  91A89A175BF89E7A  99CDE74BA1B9180F  0D68923D152CC86A
92945FEE76A72EC7  36F3977E02973535  A44D8166EECE1754  44487D827AAF3A58  894D78944E9974C0
D26BB43DC0DDB754  454023C3272B05C9  E1B1D4E94EBA543D  6BE77989748D2E6B  F91B4024DBBAC3C0
E618D77FF4521EE1  445E5AF5B643F545  81FDBB65EF04FE99  2ACBA3657BCF771D  CE939C8FA6ADA494
0DB0C852890087CB  628D02A06371939A  1F3E44C287606FC3  496572706A94B745  A266936256852926
2A33800BFD49A8BE  4236876964C60530  4CFC312E34686964  C7B5E4BF7B09842F  A92FECB203982940
8A22837F1C744676  5D4F85BF3D15ECAC  5D12A45AE652FC70  2D104AE1240AE657  F3023427EB0447D7
EB6FB1C6369026CF  EB11CFB59CE3CD63  A3A8D790AAEA6559  CB63073702D44E96  EB14609707408B37
1D280096B8A9330C  D94DD7D30B8283A8  89D165C887C94125  C569CEAEE8746452   D6758B2630842901
23565D9C956221D0  6C9F1BA8004CCF83  4E2D7654BD3BA665  99B46501BE26FCB5  F98A57B23572C9E6
E0C7E9408863E9AC  F71365EEC41A8898  BBD28537D2BA4CF9  421CF900AEE0161E  9804913AB3AEF939
5706846025C76BA8  386C304B8051E414  786B27E5D078DA82  CFBF6B7702AD54C7  F8829D7F7419FC1E
8DC6F675DDF15D15  EA0F09B0013C6BCD  8B809BF15E3B8184  724EBB3C19225A9F  0F5B160378BB33D9
9A5E7063D93E118A  5FF0F3BA527E154B  726FB2908F14FC8A  339D17365D6C253C  37BEA6255FF5F5C3
8FB7730887A573B4  5C6DCB4466353B16  7D61B3AC9C3EF425  F2AFBDB7A2DFFBD0  DB1F1F688AD9ADF7
0473D36157F29E59  632A79AA312B0370  812BBD2CA476451D  6DB91967BE73C854  6723BAE35213BB1D
2E57FC7BD3A1D364  5BCB08C116661D43  EEE0280C5A79F08D  8C61E346096F3BB6  C77EBB8207CBB940
2580225068DA512F  59B4CC7CE762D56A  D18E688515845874  180D925EAAFBD2BF  A25DEEDD09BB1120
716BB077A21510D0  F3A6606624EFAB99  A0037A3B7B241AD6  AE29D81FA65871E6  86438B0CC7F2041C
2667593A64DADE24  7FD313FBD826C261  0F48A807900572EC  846C62E60437CCCC  D9156752838E69DE
852BF15C953D0150  89D10151A828C51E  9F0C2B016C7EB0C9  F678A9B6849F444D  983A931661FCEB11
A0E399C9016448AA  B944A9314459FE8C  D6C6E1F61CB9D212  4609A4B86AE4C4F5  5D3EBE9B006A3A44
09339A126059921E  79020D335C75AB9A  F52E7313B24C7037  C94D5465DC9F0B28  874629B20712F317
AED95CE3AAFA6242  3770E7CF791BEE6C  C2BC4D3244EA9AA0  D9F8281EE54515C1  803D31A4DBF9A2CD
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